Unbearably Light
I do not think that word means what you think it means.

I have toiled and I have tamed

Dear Yesterday’s Becs,

Why so glum? Why so angry?

Kittens, Clouds, Blueberry Smoothies.

There. Better?


Today’s Becs.

P.S. Set up a monthly alarm to gently remind oneself the *reason* why the world is only shit for a couple of days then miraculously grand again.

4 Responses to “I have toiled and I have tamed”

  1. i heart kittens but blueberries can seriously go back to hell where the devil made them. ick.

    thank you for your kind words of encouragement on my blog and i’m happy to have found your little nook here! you’ve got a new fan.

  2. My first comment! Many thanks back at cha.

    I may have to stop reading your blog now though, blueberry hater 😮

    The devil makes good fruit.

  3. I have to know…why is the world shit for days at a time?

  4. Well now Jon, it involves phases of the moon and other such things. Ask any person of the female persuasion. (You may be sorry you asked)

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