Unbearably Light
I do not think that word means what you think it means.

Pirate Action


Shiver me timbers. Arrr. Etc.  More photos here.

Video of Lisa Hannigan and Paul Noonan singing their beautiful young hearts out to follow once I can figure out how to compress a 160mb video file to 100mb because youtube insists on being awkward.


4 Responses to “Pirate Action”

  1. YouTube is a bag of poo. It NEVER lets me upload stuff, and I always have to resort to MySpace video. Actually, that’s wrong, for some reason it always allows me to upload boring videos and the hilarious ones remain unseen. Which makes me look boring. Boo.

  2. i demand more piratey goodness. an exact repeat of last night please. i went to les chiche capon’s cabaret instead, hilariously funny but still pissed i missed pirateness!

  3. I’ll have to give wading into the waters of MySpace a try, cheers Una. I was thinking I’d have to create a new account on youtube anyway – since favourites can be seen from the profile page I don’t want everyone to know all I do all day is watch videos of people falling over and old 80s music vids. heh.

    Katie, it was classic stuff alright. I think they should make it a weekly event. I’d be quite willing to go out and buy a pirate wardrobe just for that purpose. Arrr.

  4. ah! i never realised there were photos here, they are cool. I wish i hadn’t missed it, but that’s me, i’m a bit of a dope.

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