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Insomnia II – The Emmy Awards

Watching the repeat of the Late Late Show here and it seems Pat the plank, David McWilliams and Paul Reynolds have all decided amongst themselves that an air of depressing pessimism is just what we need after our wonderful summer-the-sun-forgot. Basic summation: State of Chassis.

Quick tip Pat – no one believes you have “friends” who have just sold their family home for a teeny 400 grand. Your attempt to slum it with the common people is touching but ultimately cringe-worthy.

I did so love the look of panic when the audience member described how he had been “fucked through a window”. He = my new hero.

So my sleeping hours are all over the place lately, mostly due to being off work and on buzzy painkillers for an ailment that usually effects 75 year olds. I watched the entire Emmy awards last night Live On E!! Exclusive!!! Only on E!!! including the E!!!! before show red carpet extravaganza on E!!!! (Oh enough of the judgment, like there is anything else on digital after 1am if you’re not into creepy soft porn on Brava.)

Anyway, I really was sucked in from the beginning by the deliberate and incessant lack of depth to anything that came out of the pretty little presenter’s mouths. I know it’s E! I’m talking about here (and American E! at that) but not being a regular viewer I was sort of amazed at the totalitarian superficiality that demanded questions strictly limited to marriage (either recent or forthcoming), clothes designers, and words of wisdom for the host, Ryan “Pat Kenny on Acid” Seacrest. At one point in the live pre-show, I seem to remember the banality referred to as such by an interviewee. Big no-no. There was a brief moment there where the whole thing threatened to be exposed as the nonsense it was until the presenter gamely recovered by cutting to the “stiletto camera” and all was alright with the E! world once again.

At another point, the whole thing almost fell over again when some actress from Grey’s Anatomy appeared to be genuinely congratulating the presenter on her recent marriage. Said presenter had no idea how to respond to such blatant attempts at authentic reality whilst On Television and noticeably stumbled until rescued by the other presenter who was getting some actor to confirm he was returning for the next season of The Grey’s Heroes Sopranos Brothers and Sisters Anatomy.

The more I watched, the more I realised that the E! interviewers were completely uninterested in extracting anything that resembled original news at all. Those interviewed often actually started to verge onto something interesting but were promptly shut up, as if they would let out the big secret that they were essentially real people on a work pissup. I wondered why this was so – surely most people watching, even the obsessive Paris Hilton stalking set would be way more interested in hearing some unscripted natural banter rather than the boring questions about how many dresses the celebrity had tried on? The most surreal moment came when an actress was questioned about some future plot in her show and she actually asked the interviewer, a supposed “reporter”, if she was “allowed” reveal the truth, to which the interviewer replied that she “wasn’t sure, maybe not”. Such amazing investigative skills! Pulitzer in the post!

Anyway It was all sort of morbidly fascinating. David McWilliams would have loved it, in a “we’re all fucked” kind of way.

Kate Walsh

(they didn’t like her hair)

One Response to “Insomnia II – The Emmy Awards”

  1. E! is my crack. It fascinates me. The E! News Weekender programme thingy is in equal parts the greatest triumph and tragedy of 21st century popular culture.

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