Unbearably Light
I do not think that word means what you think it means.

What exactly are you getting at here?

Has someone from the Daily Mail started moonlighting at breakingnews.ie?

Passenger tried to steer out-of-control bus

“The man in his 20s desperately tried to grab the vehicle’s steering wheel when the female driver appeared to slump forward.”

“About 4% of Dublin Bus drivers are currently female.”

…obviously this business of letting wimmin away with driving buses must be outlawed.


4 Responses to “What exactly are you getting at here?”

  1. My gosh. Well we are all ruled by the moon you know. Or something like that.

  2. “currently female” – they’re leaving the option open to change sides, clearly.

  3. Got an email from the editor at breaking news today… they were more apologetic about the bad grammar than anything else. Apparently the carefully researched female driver percentage was provided merely as “background information”. It was all nicely condescending but the “offensive material” has been removed. I don’t have to go burn my bra now.

  4. hahaha I’ve just noticed they’ve added in…

    A female eye-witness said: “There was a young lad trying to take control of the bus…”

    Obviously my whole point was that it was sexist to say that a young lad saved the day, so to placate the scary feminist they would like me to know that it was A Woman Who Said This.

    I think I will follow this up for my own sick amusement…muhahaha!

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