Unbearably Light
I do not think that word means what you think it means.

I don’t wanna live my life like a movie…

Yeah. I KNOW. I’m a bold blogger. I probably haven’t even graduated to the label blogger yet actually since there is most likely a number-of-post minimum to qualify. Sigh.

So, yes. Today, my life is sponsored by the following thoughts and ponderings:

  • There Is A New Job On The Horizon. Is it wrong to want a new job just because it is based beside your favourite drinking establishment? Digression – It is amazing to me how much I am actually de-maturing (not a word perhaps) as I get older. I was a little boring old woman ten years ago. Seriously. Priorities included saving money and My Future Career and being completely financially independent and avoiding drink/drugs and having morals. Now? Hahaha pass me that strange coloured alchohol, yes? It’s a cocktail? Lovely! Short list of topics I will physically run away from at this point that were of utmost importance when I was 18:
    • Talk of “Curtains”/”wallpapering” and especially, “mortgages” with people of my own age or younger.
    • “Settling Down”/”Long Term Commitment”/”Marriage”/”Babies”. Two words: Fucking Hives.
    • “Corporate Ladder”/”Going Forward”/”Performance Goals”. Ha. Haha. Hahaha.
  • I am 27 years old yet I have a crotchety 95 year old body. The back story (hah! back story!) includes a short yet memorable stay in an actual geriatric ward. Much respect to (quite stereotypically hot) nurses. Less to (quite stereotypically mean) doctors.
  • Taking part in a long protracted moving experience. Experience, that is, of the moving “house” variety, not the moving “emotions” variety. I am actually actively lying to everyone around me about how much I have packed. It doesn’t help that I don’t actually have a strict moving in date. I have discovered that I am like a small baby. In lots of ways, but mostly in the routine and discipline requirements area. I would hope also in the aw jaysus how cute is that little person! area, but that’s ha! obviously ha! subjective in terms of both little and cute. But true.
  • So many gigs, so little f*cking time and partners in crime. Is it my imagination or has Dublin begun to explode with quality gigs over the last year? Every week I end up missing the kind of rad-party-time music events I would salivate for weeks over a few years ago. I have found however my ratio of up-for-gigs-during-the-week-friends to gigs-i-must-go-to-or-die is unhealthy. As much as I love love love my lovely top quality friends they need to suck it up and get as excited about the fact M.I.A is playing in December as I am. I am not against going to these things on my own at all, for I am as independent a woman as any member of destiny’s child, but, you know, I heart company people! Contemplating whoring myself out to strangers. No! not in that way!

To summarise, my brain and body are on completely different levels of maturity neither of which is equal to my actual age.

Also, look! new converse runnery objects! Yay!

converse goodness


6 Responses to “I don’t wanna live my life like a movie…”

  1. nice kicks! if i ever get to your neck of the woods, i’ll be your show buddy.

  2. Yay! You shall be the first Real Life Stranger I will whore myself out to! Erm. Yes. I should probably find a better term.

  3. Nice kicks. I bought white converse recently that make my feet look HUGE, which usually is something I wouldn’t like, but it’s kind of comical, so it’s ok.

    You should join Dublin Gig Goers on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=5382374315
    full of people who are going to gigs around town.

    I go out to gigs a lot on my own, which is fun because you can pretend to be mysterious, but then getting drunk and trying to make friends with random people kind of ruins the cool mystery vibe. Plus, I always end up smoking more just for something to do. Hmm.

  4. Thanks Una. You are the rock. Guess this means I’m finally signing up to crackbook…HMMM. It will have to wait till home time tho since the IT Nazis have blocked it here. Bastards.

    I think I have a new plan on the gig going front. Because while it is a great idea I am incapable of looking mysterious. In fact, I have been told that my sexy and mysterious pose is more akin to a drunk rabbit in headlights. I think that I will moonlight as a bouncer at various great venues instead. And not only will I get to see lots of shit cool bands but I will also try and bring down the establishment that stops people taking pictures from the inside. I swear Tripod especially are over the top, especially when it comes to lesser known bands who would get a lot out of pictures of them swarming the interwebs. Anyways. I might need to go start benchpressing etc.

  5. That is a fantastic plan. Although, you will need one of these.

  6. Hehehe that will go amazingly with the nooo shoooes.

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