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I do not think that word means what you think it means.

If anyone still has any doubt

about why they should go to the T&S gig after listening to their CD, read the following interview:

Sara’s Monkey Rant – From 11.01.07 Interview on KXCI in Tucson, AZ

Interviewer: I have a belief that what we’re doing as songwriters is really important and we’re not working in the workforce as a doctor or lawyer or whatever, but we’re providing a very important component to society, what do you think about that?

Sara: I think that obviously there have been such interesting studies done about what our actual needs are. Like, obviously we need to eat and we need to drink water and breathe and have oxygen. But this is kind of off on a tangent and maybe not exactly what you mean, but there was this really interesting documentary done in the 50’s and I think it was probably the first, kind of like study of monkeys or was it gorillas, it doesn’t matter, but they were basically setting these babies up with real gorillas or monkeys or whatever and essentially the one mother would be providing them with food and water and these types of things and love and comfort, and then in the other studies they were essentially putting in two types of monkeys, one would provide this sustenance, these life energies or whatever, but they would abuse the monkey, they would hurt the monkey or whatever and the monkeys would still kind of like go to them for comfort over and over and over again because they were I guess used to that and they needed that almost more than they needed the food and the water and in some cases they would split it up so the soft, loving, caring monkey um decoy or whatever, the babies would be drawn to it like for this comfort and they would make terrifying monkeys out of wire and awful things that provided no comfort and they would you know have them be giving the food and the water and the monkeys were essentially like they would…

Tegan: WHAT????

Sara: Basically what it came down to was that as human beings even though someone might be providing us what we need to survive with, if they’re not providing us love and comfort, the baby monkey like they don’t survive, they will go to wherever they find the comfort and the other things in life not just the food and water.

Tegan: Ok so what were you saying, I didn’t understand.

Sara: (talking at the same time as Tegan) Basically what I’m trying to say is that we as human beings… (Tegan cuts her off)

Tegan: In the study did the monkeys go to the mean monkeys? Is that what you’re saying?

Sara: It would go to the mean monkeys if the mean monkeys were providing it any kind of comfort or attention…

Tegan: When it had an option of going to the nice monkey?

Sara: Yeah, sometimes it would go to the mean monkey, because it was like, if the… what I’m trying to get at basically is, this is the long way around it, but what I’m trying to say is that we all don’t need just food and water, we need other things in our lives, we need comfort and people in our audience, I look out at them and stuff like that and they’re singing along to these songs like in this way that seems so passionate and it’s like, we’re not really doing anything for these kids. Like we’re not doing anything for them, and yet they find such comfort in what we’re giving them. And it’s not really like, it’s not a sustainable thing, like you can live on music, like “well I don’t have food or water but I do have this Tegan and Sara cd and that will probably keep me you know warm and comfortable” you know like it’s weird like you can actually see that these people use these things to get through their daily life or whatever. But we’re not actually affecting them directly in any way, like I don’t even know who they are.

Interviewer: Well I would say you are affecting them directly.

Tegan: Yeah!

Sara: But only from our music, like from a musical standpoint, sure, but like what I’m trying to say is that music is not going to do anything for them, like you know, like it’s not going to feed them or…

Tegan: But I disagree, but I think music is…

Sara: But it provides them, it provides them a way to get through their life and through their day or whatever…

Tegan: So we are providing something for them…

Sara: Sort of… but it’s only because (Tegan says are you high? But it’s hard to hear) it’s like it’s not actually what we’ll keep them alive but it’s it sort of provides them away to get though their daily lives or whatever and it’s not a commodity that can be traded or you know fought over but it’s like for whatever you know cosmic reason it’s those kids singing and screaming along to like Tegan’s songs about heartbreak or whatever somehow got them through their life or whatever and that’s like it is sort of magical. But it’s not like a doctor providing a skill or something like that but it is important I think.

Interviewer: Absolutely, let’s hear another song.

Sara: Yeah, totally

Tegan: My mind is… my mind is boggled right now…

Sara: I mean, I’m trying to rationalize, I do wanna go down that path and think like, “oh well what we do is important” but it is hard sometimes to like imagine that if we, sometimes I think as human beings we could be doing more or something like that, but like as musicians writing about love, you do wanna find some, you wanna make your life seem valid or something like that or what you’re giving to people is valid but on the other hand sometimes I’m just like, we’re just pop stars singing rock songs, I mean that’s just the way that it is, you know (laughs)… so…. We’re the wire monkey that wants to hug the baby monkey but we’re not umm…

Tegan: (half whispering half laughing) Sara….

Sara: Are we doing Nineteen?

Tegan: I think we’re doing Dark Come Soon.

Sara: Oh… k no one told me. Sorry. (starts tuning her guitar)

Tegan: Sara’s high on cold medication so…

Sara: I’m not on any medication whatsoever…

Tegan: Oh, ok so you’re just acting like that.

Sara: I’m not acting like anything!

Tegan: The monkey thing, I didn’t get the monkey thing at all I don’t… I mean I’m sure there was… cause I don’t, cause I think maybe there were just parts of it that were missing when you explained it, like….

Sara: No…

Tegan: You didn’t say that the monkey went to both of them and the one didn’t give them food…

Sara: Basically, like the point is is that…

Tegan: Oh, I get it now, now we understand…

Sara: The monkey would rather be with the person that’s providing it, you know comfort in some way, even if it’s a wire, yucky monkey. It would rather go to the mother monkey that was giving it comfort, than go to the monkey that was providing it food and water, is what I was trying to say.

Tegan: (whispering) Yeah you didn’t say that though…

Sara: Well basically I was saying that but you’re cutting me off…

Tegan: (whispering/laughing) No no no no you’re…

Sara: And you’re making that weird, obnoxious “I’m on acid” face and so that’s weird too.

Tegan: (laughs)

Sara: (laughing) It’s true, that’s exactly the face she used to make when she was on acid.

Tegan: Sara’s lashing out, everyone.

Sara: I’m not lashing out! Stop projecting!

Tegan: Ok, here we go, Dark Come Soon, are you with us?

Sara: I’m totally with you, I thought we were doing Nineteen, sorry.

Tegan: Dark Come Soon

Sara: Yeah

Tegan: Here we go… (Tegan starts playing)

The End.

(From saraandtegan.ca, transcribed by randomgroove)

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  1. She’s talking about the “Surrogate Mother” experiment.

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