Unbearably Light
I do not think that word means what you think it means.

I heart you

100 ways to say I love you.

Some, fierce rosemantic (kind of):

In glow-in-the-dark-paint on the bedroom ceiling.

Some – not so much:

“Spelled them out across the bottom of the bathtub in her hair, which you’d dutifully collected from the shower-drain.

Do you ever feel like abandoning your commitment phobias just so you can use lines you learned off the internet? No? Must be just me so.


2 Responses to “I heart you”

  1. There was a line my mate told me about that happened the other night.

    setting: bar. One young cute dyke talking to a group of her friends.

    girl: (dramatic tone, hand movements) “have you ever loved someone so much that you can’t eat, and you can’t sleep?”

    friends: (heads nodding, deep thoughts) “absolutley, totally”

    girl: “yeah. I don’t get that.”

  2. Hehehe

    Mark my words, that girl will be pounced on by one of said dyke friends because of that answer – it equals a lack of serious baggage and therefore is v. unusual and attractive to any lesbo within a 3 mile radius.

    In fact, I think that is actually a line that would WORK. Hmmmm….


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