Unbearably Light
I do not think that word means what you think it means.

Tech heads scare me and I heart soup

That’s what you might call a summary of my new job so far.  They’re all very nice but they have too many braincells.

Go here:

Capel street. Yummy.


4 Responses to “Tech heads scare me and I heart soup”

  1. mmm Sooooooop. Orange Square soup is good too. Had me some potato soup a few minutes ago. Yumsies.

  2. mmm… reminds of that “Hale and Hearty Soup” chain in New York. Dublin needs more quick hot food beyond chips, kebabs and frickin paninis. Just blogrolled you btw (on nerdrock and mytopfive). You just converted me to Tegan & Sara

  3. Una – I’ll have to check that out, I have decided that it’s all soup all week for me – with a different flavour each day. I like to play these games. Hopefully I won’t overdose.

    Tom – thanks dude, big fan of nerd rock, and mytopfive is a great concept. I LOVE lists. I LOVE music. Tis all good. Oh and yeuch paninis…they’re just posh toasties anyway. If I want congealed cheese I’ll have a pizza!

  4. Don’t knock the Toasted Special, it just about the only thing that you can order in a pub nationwide that’s consistent, in fact, it is often the safest bet (though you wouldn’t want to live on them)
    The Soup Dragon is fab (or fabulous as you would say yourself), there is a little bakery on Essex St West (just off Fishamble St) that uses Soup Dragon Soup as their soup of the day, it always sells out first!

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