Unbearably Light
I do not think that word means what you think it means.


Anyone ever been to Leuven in Belgium before? I’m going there for work this week and I had no idea such a place existed up until a week ago. It’s apparently near Brussels so I suppose I’ll be flying in there.

Christ, where the fuck is my passport? Minor panic. I’ve just moved house. Off I go to search through 5,667,422 boxes. Tut. Not so fabulous.

Edit: Fabulous…found it. How acceptable is it to “lose” your passport in order to get a photo that doesn’t suck to the high heavens?



2 Responses to “L-l-l-l-leuven”

  1. mmmmm, beer.

  2. Indeedio – I’ve actually just found out that it is the home of Stella Artois! Yaysies

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