Unbearably Light
I do not think that word means what you think it means.

Some of us are cave dwellers

I am addicted to these two songs at the moment:

Lemon Jelly – Ramblin’ Man. Props to their website designer, check it out.  The video is some weird fan version, but it has the song in full.

The fabulous Jenny Owen Youngs – Fuck Was I. I can’t believe I had a chance to see her in New York in Jan. but hadn’t heard her stuff so went drinking instead. Nooooo!

While we’re at it – her cover of “Hot in Herre” is class too. Bet you didn’t think that was possible.


2 Responses to “Some of us are cave dwellers”

  1. Hey, I never even heard of Jenny Owen Young, I would probably have gone drinking too! I love her version of hot in here, I never realised how word heavy that track was! It’s funny (ha ha) but strangely, you can also take it seriously….

  2. […] Owen Youngs January 16, 2008 Filed under: funnyhaha, llllove, music — becs @ 2:22 am Previously, we talked about the heartbreakingly brilliant Jenny Owen Youngs and the non Tegan and Sara song of […]

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