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On How PJ Harvey Is A Legend

The gig last night was nothing short of amazing. PJ was beautifully adorned in a kick ass white dress and surrounded by a little collection of instruments – the audience gazed on in wonder as she expertly moved from one to the next. You couldn’t hear a pin drop during most of the songs, and it felt like a much smaller venue than it actually was.

Here’s “Down By The Water”:

I got quite a lot of video, I’ll put up more later when I get a chance.

I do wonder about one nutter who paid 70 odd euro for a ticket and proceeded to be drunkenly and loudly vile to PJ, getting himself thrown out a few songs in. Apart from the unbeliveable rudeness, why the hell would you bother going??? He didn’t manage to ruffle her feathers at all though – she took his “complaints” with the best of grace and carried on.

Right, I’m off to get a needle stuck in me.  If I don’t emerge later, I have collapsed with shock at the sight. Props to the mammy for holding my hand. Ah Irish Mammies…we’d be lost without them.

3 Responses to “On How PJ Harvey Is A Legend”

  1. great video dude.

    I want to be back at the gig NOW

  2. Wish I could’ve been there!! Looks and sounds amazing

  3. I want to live in an infinite loop of PJ playing the Olympia.

    (minus the nutter obv.)

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