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Some Positive Feedback On The Health Service

So yeah, I did not in fact die of fright.  I didn’t even have to see the scary needle because they obviously take this into account and don’t show it to you.  From beginning to end nurses and consultant bent over backwards to look after my every need.  I think consultants are getting an unfair time of it in the media these days..sure there are some with massive God complexes, but the two main ones I have dealt with over the last few months – an orthopedic specialist and an anesthetist/pain specialist – have been so supportive.  I suppose the fact that my mother has quite a high level position in the nursing world, and knew them personally made a bit of a difference (The Irish health system is all about who you know, even today) but I definitely got the feeling that they were both like that to everyone in their care.

All the nurses were amazing too, from the one who asked me did I want her to remember any of my questions in case I got overwhelmed when the doctor came in, to the one who actually held my hand as the needle went in, to the one who remembered that I had been fasting and had food into me straight afterwards.  This kind of stuff is above and beyond the excellent work they are paid for, and it makes a massive difference to a patients comfort level, even when it’s only a day case.  I felt the same after my weeks stay in a regional hospital  earlier in the year.

Those on the front line really struggle every day to find time to connect with patients, realising, unlike the HSE, that this business of health should not be modeled on a corporation.

End rant.

So after all that, I brought my Mum out for a meal to The Hole In The Wall to say thanks for treking up to me twice in one week.  The food is amazing, I urge anyone to go there.  And reasonable too.  I think it is actually my favourite pub ever, and I’m going to miss being down the road when I move in a few weeks.


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