Unbearably Light
I do not think that word means what you think it means.

Happy New Hangover


Flu and hangover together. Thanks universe.

Kick ass night though. You can’t beat champagne and singing along to Take That circa 1994 for a cracking start to the new year. Shame that C’s next door neighbours then proceeded to play singstar 1980’s for 5 HOURS at a level of noise that should be illegal. If I have to hear another inspired drunken coked up cover of Chesney Hawkes I am not liable for my actions. But apart from that it was a great night.

I’m huddled up here drinking lemsip which is kinda yucky but is doing the job. On my brand spanking new laptop which is tiny and feather light (compared to the last monstrosity) and basically fabulous. Windows Vista is très strange though. It keeps doing annoying things. But I suppose I will get used to the weirdness.

Wowsies. Holy Boring Post Batman. Here, this will make up for it. Brilliant music blog I happened across recently. You will like it too I’m sure.


3 Responses to “Happy New Hangover”

  1. happy new beer 😉

  2. Don’t mention beer. Or vodka. Or even champagne. My liver is still fecking recovering!!! Sicksies.

  3. I had a “Flu Episode” last week, pretty grim, nothing would shift it, Tried, Lemsip, Advil Cold and Flu, loads of Vitamin C, Carrageen Moss with Honey and Lemon, hot Whiskeys, Rum and Tea…….it stuck to me, I even got a 104 Fever, it stayed with me for the best part of a week and is still lingering, it seems to be doing the rounds, stay in bed!

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