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I’m Hoping For An Orient Express Type Experience

Roll on summer.  Anyone have any European train related experiences to share?  Preferably not scary I-was-mugged type ones.

22 Responses to “I’m Hoping For An Orient Express Type Experience”

  1. I went interrailing the summer that eastern europe experienced some of the worse flooding ever (maybe five years ago? six? Can’t remember). Anyway, it was awesome.

    Highlights: Croatia (get as isolated as possible as quickly as possible); backwaters in Hungary (although Pecs is cool too); Krakow (Poland is one of my favourite countries in the world, and Krakow is my favourite place there. Warsaw is cool too, but expensive. Wroclaw is also awesome); Prague (although there was no public transport or much electricity there when we arrived because of the flooding. Still an amazing place though); Budapest (allow at least three or four days to fully explore); Ljubljana is beautiful too.

    Nothing bad happened to us while we were away (apart from drama of our own making). ALWAYS pay extra for a bed on a train if you’re travelling overnight. ALWAYS bring beer on the train. You will meet cool people and have fun.

  2. As above really…. can’t recommend Krawkow enough tbh…amazing city. Best advice would be to get the night train from Krawkow to Budapest (two very different cities so it’ll take a few days to adjust) then get the night train to Sarajevo. No city in the world comes close to this place.

    The first day or two is incredibly sad, as there is so much evidence f the recent war all around you (bullet holes in windows/walls, mortar holes in the roads etc) but after a day you just seem to see through it all and it’s such a beautiful city. The people are amazing, the nightlife wonderful and there are stories to every corner of the city. I would live there at the drop of the hat!

    From there you can get a 5-hour morning bus ride to Dubrovnik. You’ll be there by lunchtime and roll on the sun!

  3. Wow, thanks dudes that’s all brilliant advice!

    Planning hat on.

    Europe is only massive isn’t it*? Many many many places I want to see, so much so I’m thinking of making a kind of themed trip, like following the path of a book or film. I’ve done it before on a tiny scale in London with “Mrs. Dalloway” and it’s great fun. If you’re a nerd. Which I am.

    *stating the almighty obvious

  4. Great idea! Here’s one I read a few years ago by Bill Bryson:


    Only covers a little bit of Eastern Europe (where you should really go) but it’s a great read!

  5. Totally forgot about that book, thanks! Read it aages ago. I have it somewhere in the mountain of books I somehow have to move to a third floor apartment this week. I’ll have to find it.

    Bill Bryson is amazing. He’s the American Stephen Fry.

  6. if you can you should vienna, i went interrailing four (i think ) years ago and had 9 countries in three and a half weeks, you have to really cram everything in, but you get a great look at loads of stuff…

    Vienna though…fo’ sho’

  7. Cool thanks rp… Vienna is added to the list!

  8. What is on the list if you mind me asking?

  9. Well the list is a list of possibilities really at the moment and is very very long – I haven’t narrowed it down yet. I want to do some research on what’s going on where over the summer..I’d like to maybe catch a music or film festival while I’m at it. I’ll do up a post when I’ve mapped a little schedule for myself!

  10. best museum ever: http://www.hdm.at/en/2.htm

    and it’s in vienna…

    *tries to sway becs even more*

  11. It’s working! Vienna should be paying you (they’re not are they?!). That looks excellent. I am a bit of a museum nut actually so they will play a big part in eventual final important decision making.

  12. In that case Sarajevo has a ‘tunnel’ museum. The tunnel was built under the airport and was the only way in and out of the city during the war. The ‘museum’ is the house where the tunnel emerged outside the city and the family who helped dig it show you around. Amazing!

  13. music museum is better than tunnel museum


    They aren’t paying me…but they should be!

  14. Heeheehee

    Sarajevo and Vienna come to blows in blog shocker!!

    I think I will have to go to both now, I will definitely feel like I’m missing something if I don’t

  15. But you’ll go to Sarajevo first though? 😉

  16. Well you got there first…soooooo…..why not!

    Hehe maybe this is the start of a very interesting project.

    I’ll get my (few it has to be said) blog readers to make ALL my decisions for me. Ye are all going to be pretty busy, so I wouldn’t plan anything else for the forseeable.

    So. What should I have for lunch?

  17. Brilliant idea Becs! You should set up a seperate blog for it and run it for one entire week. Every desision will be chosen by the blog readers. From what you wear, eat, watch, listen to. Pencil it in for a couple of weeks time until we get the word around!

    BTW, lunch today will be Toasted Panini, one bag of crisps, one bottle of Snapple and a kinder surprise. 🙂

  18. Hahahaa I love it. I am so going to do this.

    I’ll do up a post this afternoon.

    In the meantime, lunch is a good experiment to start me off!

  19. Brilliant! I volunteer my support in any way you need!

  20. you do realise that this will turn into a massive project on a book/television/film scale!

    and i realyl feel that vienna would make more sense to go to first…

    i’m looking forward to controlling you’re life!


  21. […] build up to this idea is in the comments of this post. […]

  22. Interailed a few years ago when I was in college went from Denmark to Greece. Great fun. Highlights were Split and Belgrade. Can’t go wrong with most of Croatia really. Lowlights: Boring Bratislava and Touristy Prague (it was Summer). Istanbul was a bit weird too, some very sexist and racist people.

    I agree with Una on the night trains. A bed on a night train is often cheaper than hostel and helps you see more cities in the given time. Bring biscuits (and beer) make new friends and then trade books you’ve finished (although I made the awful mistake of swapping the Life of Pi for some John Grisham piffle about American Football).

    Bring Motillium and Uniflu too.

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