Unbearably Light
I do not think that word means what you think it means.

Operation Run My Life

Ok. This might turn out to be a monumentally bad decision (kind of why I’m doing it?) but after consultation with some of my travel advisors (Le Catch and Rapture Ponies) there is a little blog project in the works that will involve aaaallll (five) of you unbearably light readers.

For one week and one week only, my life will be run by anyone who cares to practice their skills for one day ruling the world. This will probably be achieved through leaving comments on a specially created page on the blog.

Sample orders I will accept:

– What I should eat for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

– Gigs to go to and music to listen to. (Within reason, gigs will have to be kinda cheap)

– Films to see.

– Places to visit in Dublin.

– Book/s, articles, etc. to read.

– What I should wear. I will provide options. You will decide between them.

– More decisions that crop up during the week.

Further details will be ironed out, and I’m thinking the week in question will be from the 21st to the 27th of this month.

Obviously there are many other things I will consider doing and also many other things I definitely won’t consider doing (namely things that will injure my body or my already diminished reputation). I will then blog about my experience of following your orders together with photographic evidence.

I will post with more details later together with a picture of my lunch today, kindly suggested by Le Catch and consumed by me less than an hour ago. Dude I hadn’t had a kinder egg in AGES. Loved it.

The build up to this idea is in the comments of this post.

Edit: Head over in this direction for more info.

11 Responses to “Operation Run My Life”

  1. very brave…

  2. This is going to be brilliant! Are you setting up a dedicated blog before I start posting about this one?

    And…..would you be interested in talking about this on Phantom? 5-10 min the week you start and then a catch up at the end? I haven’t pitched it to them yet….but I’m sure it’ll be a runner!

    As Rapture Ponies mentioned..I can soon see this turing into a book/film!

  3. Hahaha Oh Jebus. Eh I’ll have to have a think about that but perhaps! Let me work out the details a bit and create the new blog page/new blog tonight.

  4. OneForTheRoad – quite possibly very silly rather than brave!


  5. i’m posting in 30 seconds about this…

    *puts fingers together in Mr. Burns style*

  6. Instead of evil scheming which you probably won’t do, I’m going to try to think of horribly cheesy heart warming acts of good.

  7. Haha I like the sound of that. Still scared, but I like it.

  8. How about let people choose (and pay too) for you to go to other countries on the cheap. Not sure how to work it out but even for one day go somewhere cheap and be a tourist at the mercy of your readers!! But make them pay the €30 or however much is the cheapest round trip to mainland Europe with Ryanair for a day.

    Maybe leave this idea to Run My Life Part II ….. go from place to place for a week only finding out where you have to go each morning with a text.

  9. Excellent…..you could end up run off your feet.

  10. K, that’s an interesting idea – maybe for part II though as you suggest! Maybe if this works out I’ll think about it for part of my interrail trip.

  11. […] Best Idea Ever Award goes to Becs of Unbearably Light fame who has offered her blog readers to tell her what to do for an entire week starting February 4th. She’s […]

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