Unbearably Light
I do not think that word means what you think it means.

Run My Life Experiment No. 1

My Lunch Today, as advised by Le Catch.

I even ate a panini – usually not a fan, but found one with no yucky congealed cheese and it was yummy!



5 Responses to “Run My Life Experiment No. 1”

  1. Brilliant! Looks lovely!

  2. Lovely, but super unhealthy. By the way have you noticed how Walkers crisps are somehow sweeter than Tayto? It’s like they have a little sugar added.

  3. Unhealthy indeed, but so gratifyingly tasty especially since I had no choice and had to eat it 🙂

    Ok actually….I’ll admit that I didn’t eat it all at lunchtime…I couldn’t face it and ate the crisps later on that evening. And the snapple was half drunk!

    Hoping to get at least a few salady type suggestions during Run My Life week.

    I have a weird thing with crisps…I go through serious phases of only eating one brand and one flavour…walkers are sweeter indeed, i’m preferring them to tayto at the minute.

  4. what was your kinder toy like, and what did you do with it?

  5. Good question rp…my kinder toy was a weird alien with a big head. He is living at this moment on the shelf in my bathroom. It seemed appropriate, don’t ask me why.

    He doesn’t really do anything unfortunately…AND I didn’t have to do any putting-together at all which was a little disappointing. Thumbs down kinder with your scarily dubbed adverts.

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