Unbearably Light
I do not think that word means what you think it means.

The Internet Has Made Me Mad Again

Oh grrrr. Why do I read the Internets. Totally with Jezebel on this one – do not visit the following website, especially this post if you are a rational person and don’t wish to be completely and utterly incensed. By the many many insulting horrible comments, but mostly by the snide post.  Apparently, in the eyes of these mentalers, Jennifer Love Hewitt is practicly obese.
It gets worse. The FAQ is full of a load of rubbishy back pedalling on how the author is not “pro ana”, as in anorexic, but does not judge people who are.  Nice of her.  Trainwreck basically. She proceeds to show off about how the blog gets hundreds of thousands of visitors. I am loath to imagine the amount of young girls reading this kind of shit and basing their body image on it.

Oh yeah, hah, she is also the owner of chicklitbooks.com.

I think I may have found my nemesis.


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