Unbearably Light
I do not think that word means what you think it means.

You Will Love Jenny Owen Youngs

Previously, we talked about the heartbreakingly brilliant Jenny Owen Youngs and the non Tegan and Sara song of the year, “Fuck Was I“. Don’t watch the following cultural commentary by the lovely Ms. Youngs (Owen Youngs?) and the equally dreamy Bess Rogers and some dude who I presume is a friend of theirs.  Do not read this if you think Avril Lavigne rocks the shit yo. It may make you angrier than Avril is at Katrina.

I would so watch “When Hurricane Katrina Met Sally”. Remember now… the hurricane doesn’t wear shoes Because It Is A Natural Disaster.

2 Responses to “You Will Love Jenny Owen Youngs”

  1. she has a podcast too which seems to sound like a hilarious drunken party. seems like a nice girl

  2. Oh I didn’t know that Tom, must go in search of it, thanks!

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