Unbearably Light
I do not think that word means what you think it means.

This Has Cheered Me Up No End

The L Word. Do Charlie’s Angels. Enough Said.

Possibly THE best thing in the entire world.

That’s hot, as Kate’s new BFF would say.

Well, at least Alice, Helena, SHANE = hot. Tina = meh.  Sorry, that look just does not suit her.

7 Responses to “This Has Cheered Me Up No End”

  1. amazing, I’m nicking it

  2. Everyone should nick it and it should be shown on all the screens in all the land.

    Ilene Chaiken and the L Word crew are hereby forgiven for all transgressions including but not limited to killing off Dana.

  3. Is that Shane? You know I was watching it and we couldn’t figure out if that was Shane in the middle, if so, the look doesn’t suit her either. But the whole Charlies Angel idea, “Morning Lesbians” skit is otherwise pretty brilliant.

    I think you just have to give in to the absolute quirkiness of The L Word in general (though killing off Dana, Worst. Decision. Ever.)

  4. Yep that’s Shane alright…I don’t know, I think I actually prefer her hair like that. She definitely looks very different.

    Now all they have to do is get rid of Max and I’ll be happy. Nothing against the actress who plays him but seriously, they really need to get somebody who actually knows something about IT because his character is so unbelievably hilarious when he starts talking about downloading and patches.

  5. Shanes Hair has gone south in general this season, but she’s back on form otherwise, character wise at least.
    You’re right about Max and the IT thing….he’s wandering around with his mac under his arm asking people to look at his podcast….I assume he means VIDEO….? Other than that I don’t mind him, currently REALLY annoying me are Tina and Jodi.
    Speaking of getting rid of people are they writing out Helena…now that would be a travesty, she’s hilarious.

  6. Shane was hilarious in ep. 3, especially at the end with Helena…I won’t give anything away for those who haven’t seen it yet. Pure genius.

    I’m hoping they haven’t written off Helena, she is class…maybe they will make her new friend a regular character?

    Max…I loved the way he told Jodi’s interpreter that his super cool video camera “saved the video on the camera AND the hard drive at.the.same.time”. Amazing stuff, technology.

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