Unbearably Light
I do not think that word means what you think it means.

When I Was Fourteen..

My friends and I were OBSESSED with My-So Called Life, and in particular Jordan Catalano played by Jared Leto and Angela Chase played by Claire Danes.

Then we got the sad news that apparently Jared Leto Had! Died! Probably! In! A! Massive! Carcrash! Or! Possibly! By! Taking! Drugs!

You have to remember that this was before the days of the internet and celebrity gossip was way more rumour-licious. Who the fuck knows where this particularly juicy tidbit of information came from, but we of course believed it wholeheartedly.

Devastation. We went into collective mourning and sat around saying things like

“Do you remember the episode where he smiled? That was amazing. Life is SO unfair.”

We wrote “Jared Leto Lives On” and “JL RIP” all over the desks at school and our homework notebooks – the bebo pages of our day.

Then after a couple of weeks of the world ending, someone got Smash Hits and there he was in all his glory, as alive as we were.

We decided that this proved just how fantastic and godlike Jared Leto actually was.

He had survived an amazing trauma. Maybe.

I’m sure people are still puzzled by the writing on the school desks.

Anyway, if we had gotten wind of this at the time, we would have gone absolutely MENTAL. We would definitely have run away from home and stalked him out in Dublin.

I might just keep an eye out, for the sake of my inner fourteen year old.

th-jordan.jpg th-daines2.jpg

Edit:  Hah! Apparently in a nice little twist of fate, Jared Leto commented a couple of years ago that he wanted blogs to DIE. The whole gosh-darned lot of them. Quelle Horreur!


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