Unbearably Light
I do not think that word means what you think it means.

The Slight Blip In Communication

Was due to horrible horribly gastric flu.  The less said about that fun topic the better.

A couple of things have really annoyed me this morning.  So this being a rather stereotypical blog, I will obviously have to tell you about them.

The first, via TMN, is a story about how UN peacekeepers posted to Western Sahara decided to leave a touching reminder of themselves behind by scrawling massive versions of their names in a “i woz ere” fashion across 6000 year old rock paintings.  With spray paint.  I nearly cried when I saw this picture (borrowed from the newly discovered excellent blog Sand and Dust).

I mean seriously.  Just how culturally aware do you have to be to realise that this kind of shit is beyond wrong? The UN have responded with “shock” and have indicated that funds will be diverted from UNESCO to carefully remove the graffiti. Yes indeed, that means money that could be going to, say, educate the general public about history and culture will now be going to clean up after mindlessly immature UN “ambassadors” who are apparently in need of some of that training themselves.
Phew. Deep breath. Kittens. Packages with string.
The other annoyance of the morning was that there is a horrible weird moldy smell coming from the pipes in the new apartment.  Actually this has been an annoyance that has been around for a few days.  Including the few days where I had gastric flu.  The smell obviously helped that a great deal.
The whole entire world needs to fuck off away from me for a while.
Oh yes, apart from Uh Huh Her who are coming to Dublin! Yay! Thanks to Unarocks I heard about this in time to buy tickets.  Those couple of weeks are going to be a bit like early pride what with Tegan and Sara (working them into every blog post) and the lovely Leisha/Alice.

3 Responses to “The Slight Blip In Communication”

  1. Hey, thanks for the tip – I got my tickets. So many great gigs in Dublin this year, especially T&S!

  2. Boo urns on the flu!

    And that pic is just terrible. I have always been amazed at the general incompetence of the UN in places like Bosnia/Rwanda etc. Here’s yet another example!

  3. Just found your blog via an incoming link – thanks for the kind words about Sand & Dust – more on this story will follow soon. All the best, Nick.

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