Unbearably Light
I do not think that word means what you think it means.

Song For A Sunday

I’m in a very Sunday mood. Which is appropriate, being as it is a Sunday.

Here’s a song from Yael Naim pulled from my wandering Sunday playlist – that is, when I want a background soundtrack while I trompe around town and pretend like I’m all bohemian and arty and Dame street is in the middle of Montmartre.


4 Responses to “Song For A Sunday”

  1. that’s in the new macbook air ad. Great song. Having trouble finding her album though. God forbid I might have to go into an actual SHOP and buy it.

  2. Ah! I was thinking I heard it somewhere other than my ipod recently. Only have the one song of hers myself, unfortunately.

  3. I got the Album on iTunes, it’s also called Yael Naïm, and has a nice cover of Toxic on it too

  4. Thanks Sarah, I went looking and picked it up. I like the Toxic version almost as much as I liked Juliet Turner’s version a few years ago, which was much. The French songs are amazing, she has a nice mix of styles in there.

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