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Uh Huh Uh Huh

Just back from the second most gay event of the week, the annoyingly named Uh Huh Her in The Village. (Did they have to pay PJH to call themselves that? I’m calling them UHH from now on) Great fun, but I think a lot of people were just there to stare at (the admittedly lovely) Leisha and Cam and catch up with practically every lesbian in the Dublin area. Many animated conversations going on during songs, to the extent that I ended up moving a few times in an attempt to actually hear the music. I noticed this going on during Tegan and Sara too, and it really fucking annoys me to be honest. There is something slightly wrong with the fact that there were a substantial amount of people at both gigs who undoubtedly just heard the words “lesbian band” or “Alice from the L Word” or “Lesbian Twins OMG” and went straight to ticketmaster on that basis. It’s the worst kind of posturing and smacks of NME and their practise of evaluating music based on how “cool” it is. Is it any different to judge music on how “gay” it is? I know, I know, support our own, etc, but at least listen to the bloody music while you’re there. And stop screaming at professional musicians to take their clothes off. It’s objectification plain and simple, and in my opinion no different when women do it than when men do.

Sigh. Anway, rant over, sorry. Back to UHH. I’ll be interested to hear the full album, which Leisha mentioned was coming out in May. From the sounds of it though, I think the EP contains their strongest material. There are some really rocking songs in there, especially “Explode” and “Say So”, but in general I don’t think the band are anywhere near as cohesive yet as “The Murmurs” (Leisha’s previous project) back in the day. I found myself wishing I had managed to catch them live (sucker upper! love it) when they were still together during a couple of the slower UHH songs tonight. Still really early days though, and they definitely have a great energy in front of a crowd.

Got a few decent pictures – I’ll put more up tomorrow with some vids.  Click through for full size.


9 Responses to “Uh Huh Uh Huh”

  1. I thought it was totally disrespectful the way the crowd for both gigs wouldn’t shut the hell up! At the London gig last year when T&S told a story the entire audience was totally silent, listening to them carefully.

    The Dublin crowd for T&S was less than respectful – but I think that’s more to do with the fact that there were a number of NEW fans there, that didn’t appreciate the importance of their FIRST gig in Dublin and might have only been familar with the Con and singles released and played on Phantom. It IS after all the first time T&S have had ANY media coverage in this country and to a lot of people at the gig they were a whole new band.

    I don’t think that T&S was as much a “poser lesbian gig” as last night was. But can you blame people? Leisha Hailey is a HUGE celebrity in the lesbian community. Luckily for UHH they’re actually a decent enough band with a few strong tunes.

    Hey – from the looks of your pictures I think you MUST have been standing beside me last night. Mine look really similar, taken from the exact same angle.

  2. Ha you’re right Sinead, I think I was being a bit of a moaning michael last night. Believe me I totally get the Leisha love! I suppose I have no problem at people just turning up to get a look at one of the worlds most celebrated lesbians but it’s just so so disrespectful to come to a gig and either talk through the entire thing or scream stupid comments at musicians. Just because they are gay, it does not mean other gay women have the right to treat them as if they were strippers (tegan and sara banter reference!) and disrupt the enjoyment of the people who are there to enjoy the music.

    Ok. I think I’m still a bit angry 🙂

  3. I have to agree…I was neither of the gigs mentioned…but people talking during gigs is my BIGGEST pet peeve! I drives me demented.

  4. Didnt see these girls last night but was still in post-blog-awards-hangover-mode! Agree with you about the talking at T&S- I was definitely there for the music but certainly noticed that some were there only for the ohhh-this-is-a-lesbian-group!

  5. @ Becs I totally agree that no musician should be heckled in such a sexual manner. It really pissed me off at T&S because they are these two sweet, humble, ladies that were probably really very embarassed by that.

    Down with talking at gigs full stop!

    I mean, wtf? If you’re going to dish out the cash to go to a gig why spend it chatting to your buddies? Go to a bar for f’s sake. I’ve had many a friend very upset after coming off stage because the crowd was too ignorant to even TRY to listen.

  6. Word!

    This might be going way too far, but maybe we should all become like hardcore Frames fans and violently shush anyone who breathes loudly during the entire gig. You can always hear what Glen Hansard is harping on about! At least back when I was in college, Frames gigs were treated almost as a religious experience.

    Of course, we ripped the piss mercilessly at the time.

    I think I’ll just continue to moan after the fact!

  7. @Sinéad – I’d say a lot of the people who are doing the talking are guestlist and competition winners. I know the guy who got thrown out of the PJ Harvey gig in December for shouting abuse was a radio comp winner!

  8. I wondered at PJH why the hell someone would spend 80 euro for a ticket and get themselves kicked out after a couple of songs! He was sitting in front of me, the fucker. Thanks for laying my mind to rest. It was keeping me awake at night!

  9. […] of strong emotions about this gig and a lost blackberry. Many many more photos on my flickr […]

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