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Cheer Up Chuesday 2 – Lets Bring The Happiness Back

Today, in order to brighten your dreary not-quite-the-middle-of-the-week horizons, I have some nice happy Internet goodness that will thrill and amaze you. Maybe. I’m adding some commentary on why I like the linkage this week. Humour me.

How can you be sad when:

You can fill your well

“I filled my well by skipping through a park. Yes, I fucking skipped like something you see in a romantic comedy.”

Perfectly safe for work. Get your filthy mind out of the gutter. So yeah, this is all a bit Oprah-love-yourself but I like the central premise of treating yourself like you are someone you are totally head over heels obsessively in love with. For one day. Or at least that’s my take. No guilt allowed. Eat anything, do anything, don’t do anything. Whatever. I can’t believe I am about to type this, but make a date with yourself. Ugh. Puke. I think I just crossed the line. Need to translate this into something palatable for the Irish mindset. Hmm. Basically, you need to act like you don’t give a fuck more than you usually do. Ok. Better. Next. (via Pajiba)

Learn How To Be The Next Banksy

“Your child frequently wears baggy pants or carries a large backpack. These are used to carry cans of spray-paint, various colors and types of magic markers, etching tools, slap tags and cameras to take photos of their taggings”

Ok, so the city of Santa Ana in Orange County probably didn’t envisage their little educational page to be used for this particular purpose, but the Internet is always so useful for finding step by step guides on how to kit yourself out for a new hobby. Via NotCot

You Can Look At A Bunny

Ah wouja look! Cuteness. Come on, how can you see that and NOT smile a wee small smile. Via Metachat.

You Can Play With Crayons And Learn Physics Together All At The Same Time:

You can download a demo from here. Via the amazing Drawn blog.

You Can Bake Me A Cake For My Birthday ON THURSDAY. Heads Up.

Entry into the latter stages of the twenties needs lots of turtle cake.

You Can Eat In The Manner of Jesus

Click for Jesus, stay for the Jezebel snark.

You Can Colour In Torture Devices

Exactly that and no more really. Fun! Via the Boing

That’s all folks….Be Happy!

Edit: Oh I almost forgot these lovelies:


Batgirl gloves! You can buy the pattern here!

Late Addition!

Why This Picture Makes You Go Awwwwww



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  2. Oh noes, don’t know what that trackback or pingback or whatever ya call it comment thingy is so long sorry. anyways i love this idea, it’s so cute 🙂

  3. Hehe that’s ok I like comments, html gobbledegook or not!

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