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Gemma Hayes Gig Alert

It looks like Gemma is playing The Academy Tripod (thanks for the detective work tenaciousT!) on April 29th. Jesus I love life lately. I know this only through her drummer‘s myspace so don’t shoot me if it’s not true. Hope this means the new album is on the way.


6 Responses to “Gemma Hayes Gig Alert”

  1. Excellent! This is one hell of a year for gigs:-)

  2. Certainly is. I’m so there. Oh and the freakin’ ting tings are playing soon too!

  3. Brilliant! I *heart* Hayes. ‘Night On My Side’ = one of my favourite records.

  4. Yep yep me too she’s amazing, and I’ve never managed to catch her live before..sooo excited

  5. Just checked in Ticketmaster and tickets are on sale this Friday-tis the 29th but she will be in Tripod:-)

  6. Ah I see cheers tt! I’ll edit

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