Unbearably Light
I do not think that word means what you think it means.

Blog Holidays

Whoops. So I went on a leetle bloggy holiday there for a while. After a real life trip over to that London place I’ve been chasing my tail since. Having a strange daydream now about actually having a tail and how funny it would be if I chased it and how long it would take me to fall over. Not long it seams. ANYWAY I’m back now. If anyone’s still tipping about. I’ll do a little catchy-uppy post later maybe. Although I’ve had one of those weeks where lots has happened but none of which shall be talked about on the interweb for fear of turning into one of those TMI people you avoid at house parties. Which makes it sound like I’m trying to make it sound like it was all exciting and dramatic but it wasn’t at all. Just ordinary, yet not for internet wide consumption.

Really the whole blog holiday was about keeping the loverly Gemma Hayes below at the top of the Unbearably Light Hitlist of Happiness


3 Responses to “Blog Holidays”

  1. OH OH what you get up to over there?! i wanna go soon…

    and welcome back!

  2. thanks bloggers 🙂

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