Unbearably Light
I do not think that word means what you think it means.


The Delicious AnneElicious tagged me d’other day and I am told it is right and proper for me to pass on the goodness.  So here goes. Apparently I must describe myself in six words.

These words are as follows:

never finishes anything tries hard nonetheless

Ahem. Right, after a random look through my most recent comments, I choose to throw some tags in the direction of:

R to the P to the RapturePonies


Tenacious Timothy


Sarah over at CriticalJunk

Stephen’s Mammy – you can answer this here in my comments if ya like!

Fun Fun Fun.


6 Responses to “TagElicious”

  1. Cheers dude! loved your six words as well 😀

  2. OH NO!!! I’ll have a think…..

  3. Excellent! Shouldnt have thought of mine in the morning when there are only the two driving thoughts of caffeine and sugar!

  4. […] by raptureponies under Uncategorized | Tags: Links, tagerama |   I’ve been Memed, and tagged a couple of times. Cool beans I love these […]

  5. […] Becs has “tagged” me… so I am required to describe myself in 6 words (either 6 individual words or a 6 word sentence) and then “pass it on” to other people (Liam, Darragh, David – you’ve been tagged!). This is my 6 word sentence: […]

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