Unbearably Light
I do not think that word means what you think it means.

Fastest Way To Break Your Face

Hello I am back, I think.

I really would rather like this little tchotchke but my inner 40 year old is telling my inner 5 year old that it would be rather a bad idea don’t you know. Still, one can’t help picturing outfit plans to match.


3 Responses to “Fastest Way To Break Your Face”

  1. Just buy a real skateboard! I bought one a couple of years ago – my first in a million years – I lied to the guy in the shop and told him I was buying a skateboard for my non-existant little brother.

    I think he saw through me.

    Even though I was in my work clothes.

  2. Ha, there is a guy who passes me at speed some mornings on a skateboard wearing a suit. I would be in awe at his skillz but he looks way too self important and smug so he has become a running joke in our household instead…poor skater boy and his sell out ways.

    I’ve often thought about getting my skateboard on, but I am a liability when it comes to ANYTHING that I could possibly use to hurt myself. I come home from the office covered in bruises from walking into things…therefore skating on concrete = death.

  3. Hah brilliant post title, and completely true at that.

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