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For Crying Out Loud

Denis Lynch is out of the show-jumping final because of…you guessed it…more bloody doping.

Did they learn nothing from the last time?

Edit: Seems like maybe he was just very unlucky.  Do they not check ingredients against some list though?  The fact that he’s been using it for ages without being caught is hardly an excuse.


3 Responses to “For Crying Out Loud”

  1. idiot. I have no sympathy. If he was smart enough to get to the Olympics, he was smart enough (or dumb enough?) to know what he was doing.


  2. This is an excellent Tommy Tiernan skit I found over at Avoiding Life… try to watch the whole thing – it’s well worth it for the punchline 🙂


  3. Muhahaha love it…thanks K8

    Tommy Tiernan rocks.

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