Unbearably Light
I do not think that word means what you think it means.

A few bits and bobsies*

Point format for the win:

  • Last week I went to Lenny Kravitz in Marley Park.  Well really I was there mostly to picket Alanis Morrissette about proper usage of irony (ten year old jokes for win no. 2) but she scared me with her volumes of hair and mania.  In a good way. Lenny could never be as good as he is in his own estimation but there is no denying he is quite the showman.  I have photos but (excuse the blograge) my bloody motherfucking disaster of a laptop won’t let me upload them so I have to find another method.  Which I will eventually.  I will not be including the one with me in a canary yellow rain muumuu.
  • More photos on the way from the Festival of World Cultures in Dun Laoghaire yesterday.. Fun fun fabulous.  With an extra serving of my celebrity stalker Lisa Hannigan.  Went straight home and bought tickets to her show in the Button Factory so I can stalk her in return. (NOT REALLY LISA)
  • I cried after the boxing yesterday when RTE interviewed Billy Walsh.
  • I have booked tickets for the theatre festival and the fringe. And various gigs.  Broke now.  But so excited.

(tmsies obv.sies la rocksies)


One Response to “A few bits and bobsies*”

  1. I was at Lenny and Alanis too, went for Alanis same as you, you’re right she is a little manic. I think she may have been doing a of of comfort eating recently too..? Thought the sound was pretty awful for her set. I took some photos but they were rubbish so I didn’t post them, but I did post some of Lenny who Rocked, I know he loves himself but so what, he’s not arrogant about it, we had a great giggle!!

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