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The Art of Fringe

Still don’t have my recent photo taking endeavours ready for public consumption. Will soon. Sigh.

So anyway, Fringe fever! Well fringe fever plus 100% added Theatre Festival fun. Because I was living in the back arse of beyond last year (comparatively) I didn’t make half the stuff I wanted to see so this year I’m making it my mission not to miss any likely sources of edufuncation.

First off, and I think you’ll agree ladies and gentlemen, is one of the highlights of weird fringe events that is “Etiquette“. My friend G and I have this pencilled in for next weekend. It seems to be designed for our crazy heads. You book for two, show up at the cafe, get headphones that feed you lines and off you go on a little theatrical journey. You also get to use Mala as a prop apparently…MALA!!! Here‘s a NYTimes video explaining the process.


Have also booked tickets for The Silhouette Old Time Mystery Radio Show with no less than Duke Special comparing. I’m hoping to be as impressed with the goings-on in the Spiegletent as I was with the whole Pirate malarkly last year.

Those are booked so far, more to be decided on in due course…I like the way the fringe isn’t the sell-out madness that the Theatre Festival seems to be. The very idea of Fringe should be about spontaneity and flexibility. Extending theatre and other performing arts into the mainstream of daily life. I’d like to be walking home from work and see something odd and captivating just starting with a seat waiting.

Obviously this is taking nothing away from the Theatre Festival itself which I’m sure will also be pushing boundaries and experimenting all over the siopa…I’m looking forward to seeing Black Watch, The Year of Magical Thinking (with Vanessa Redgrave…bow minions), and Waves, not necessarily in that order.

I am actually a little scared about Waves because I’m very precious about Virginia Woolf and if they fuck it up I will be a mite annoyed.  Yeah I’m one of those people.

Tickets are slightly expensive but I won’t grumble too much…As I have said, it’s edufuncation.


6 Responses to “The Art of Fringe”

  1. i am frightfully excited for etiquette, it must be said!

  2. I did it yesterday! Much fun. Strange fun. But fun. I’ll blog more later.

  3. looking forward to hearing about it! the two of us are heading in to have a go at ‘Exposures’ on wednesday, should be fun fun!

  4. Oh Snap. I have Duke tickets too. I can’t believe how fast this has come around.
    I just picked up the brochure so I will have to get myself into some more gigs.

  5. So did you go to the Duke show? It was bizarrely fun wasn’t it? I need to know what happened in Act 3!

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