Unbearably Light
I do not think that word means what you think it means.

We interrupt this hibernation…

…to offer a bit of nostalgia. I probably should wait for Christmas but I’m too excited after finding this and I had to share it with THE WORLD.

Am I actually seeing things or is bloody Alan Hughes the star of the best Irish ad eva?

In shock.  How did I not know this Internet? How?


7 Responses to “We interrupt this hibernation…”

  1. that’s my FAVOURITE AD EVER.

    And yes, Alan Hughes is indeed the star of it.

  2. I forgive Alan Hughes all his sins.

  3. Becs that is *such* a good find – I’m getting so nostalgic!

    I love how the ESB are using that song again now, it’s gorgeous.

  4. I just saw that on the telly now and I nearly cried a little bit. It’s the way his ma runs out to the door….

  5. I’m from a small town and this is one of the truest depictions of Ireland in the eighties ever! Kilnascully my bum

    P.S who is Alan Hughes???

  6. Totally. Me too.

    Alan Hughes is a TV3 and panto SUPASTAR

  7. Riiiiggghhhhtttt!!! I even googled him to no real avail!

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