Unbearably Light
I do not think that word means what you think it means.

No news and no life make becs go something something

Actually I’m sure I do have news but it’s like when you don’t see someone for ages and you’ve done loads of stuff and you still can’t think of anything to talk about and you see someone else you saw an hour ago and you have loads to discuss and then.  And then.

The fringe came and went.  I did the “Etiquette” thing with a friend and it was hilarious…you really get into it.  I won’t say too much because it would ruin it for a random googler about to do it, but the props they give you are used to great effect.  They include blue tak (not mala after all!) some fake blood, water, chalk and tiny stick figures.

Also went to Duke Special who was impressive as usual, but disappointingly didn’t play any of his own stuff much to the chagrin of my companion who loves his last album.  I wasn’t too fussed either way – I like his voice but I’m not drawn to any particular song.

The biggest excitement of the evening was the new-to-me singer Beth Rowley.  Not only did she have me in tears when she sang “Ms Otis Regrets” beautifully (there is a reason for this, I don’t generally cry randomly at gigs) but her own songs are fantastic too. The play itself, modelled on an old radio mystery, could have done with a wee bit more organisation, since they ran out of time and had to cut out the third act, as Lottie pointed out.  It also seemed a little amateur and under-rehearsed to me.  They would have been better just focussing on the music if there was a lack of rehearsal time or whatever.  My opinion of course! pinch of salt etc.

Missed most of the rest of the fringe…time flies.  What a boring sentence. See this is why I don’t blog much. I end up incurring the wrath of me.


One Response to “No news and no life make becs go something something”

  1. blog more, and then it’ll all be better! 🙂

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