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Cheer Up Chuesday 2 – Lets Bring The Happiness Back

March 4, 2008

Today, in order to brighten your dreary not-quite-the-middle-of-the-week horizons, I have some nice happy Internet goodness that will thrill and amaze you. Maybe. I’m adding some commentary on why I like the linkage this week. Humour me. How can you be sad when: You can fill your well “I filled my well by skipping through […]

Cheer Up Chuesday

February 26, 2008

Reading Una La Rock‘s post earlier about how blah Tuesday’s are, I decided that one, she is rightsies, and two, we (royal we) here at lightness of the unbearable towers are going to do something about it today and on future Tearful Tuesdays. Cheer Up Chuesday is born. Settle back, and prepare to be a […]