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You Will Love Jenny Owen Youngs

January 16, 2008

Previously, we talked about the heartbreakingly brilliant Jenny Owen Youngs and the non Tegan and Sara song of the year, “Fuck Was I“. Don’t watch the following cultural commentary by the lovely Ms. Youngs (Owen Youngs?) and the equally dreamy Bess Rogers and some dude who I presume is a friend of theirs.  Do not […]

I heart you

November 5, 2007

100 ways to say I love you. Some, fierce rosemantic (kind of): “In glow-in-the-dark-paint on the bedroom ceiling.” Some – not so much: “Spelled them out across the bottom of the bathtub in her hair, which you’d dutifully collected from the shower-drain.” Do you ever feel like abandoning your commitment phobias just so you can […]