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Can’t Blog.

March 23, 2008

Sad. Back Soon. Advertisements

Blog Holidays

March 20, 2008

Whoops. So I went on a leetle bloggy holiday there for a while. After a real life trip over to that London place I’ve been chasing my tail since. Having a strange daydream now about actually having a tail and how funny it would be if I chased it and how long it would take […]

Hello Strangers

December 29, 2007

Sigh. It seems that if I’m not at work and/or bored I don’t get to the blogging very often. I have noticed this about myself. Totally beyond my control, obv. Normal service will resume shortly. In the meantime the important news of the day is that I: Ate 3 bars of chocolate, 6 pieces of […]


December 6, 2007

Pain has an element of blank; It cannot recollect When it began, or if there was A time when it was not. It has no future but itself, Its infinite realms contain Its past, enlightened to perceive New periods of pain. Warning, slightly woe is me post alert. So Christmas is swirling around the place […]

On how I learned how to reject cynicism and reconnect with humanity

October 21, 2007

So I was trundling home from work a few months ago in what could be described as the depths of despair, if I was a melodramatic character in a bad novel. It was pissing rain which was an appropriate background to a day that contributed to my handing in my notice whilst restraining my glee […]

I don’t wanna live my life like a movie…

October 17, 2007

Yeah. I KNOW. I’m a bold blogger. I probably haven’t even graduated to the label blogger yet actually since there is most likely a number-of-post minimum to qualify. Sigh. So, yes. Today, my life is sponsored by the following thoughts and ponderings: There Is A New Job On The Horizon. Is it wrong to want […]