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Boo, Heinz, Boo.

June 25, 2008

Myself and my house-homie J were watching TV the other day and saw this excellent add by Heinz. Funny stuff and ridiculously inoffensive. Of course though, Heinz has now bowed to pressure and pulled it.  Because apparently, it is unsuitable to be seen by children who might CATCH THE GAY.  Jesus H Christ. Advertisements

Oh Amy.

November 28, 2007

I Love Amy, but this is why I didn’t bother buying a ticket to her gig in Dublin.  Sort yourself out woman. Winehouse cancels all 2007 tour dates.   Pic: Daily Telegraph. Happier times I’d say.

Will you just shut your mouth? You won’t come across quite so dense

September 4, 2007

People are Shits. In general anyway. I’m sure you’re not. I’m not either. Most of the time. Lots of people really are though, and I’ve been coming across a rather unfair majority recently who have revealed this fact in spectacularly impressive ways to give them credit. However, a strage thing is now occuring. I’m so […]


May 30, 2007

I Will Not Cry. I Will Not Cry. I Will Not Cry. Balls.