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I am a 60 year old, rather posh, English Woman

April 4, 2008

Or at least I must have been in a previous life, if my passion for Radio4 is anything to go by. The following (from the weekly Radio4 schedule mailout) makes me very happy and forward-looking: The Reunion, 11.15am-12.00noon, repeated Friday 9.00-9.45am New series. Sue MacGregor gathers together five Bletchley Park code-breakers, who were recruited during […]

Join the A.R.P.

October 18, 2007

I seem to have been born hard-wired with a certain proclivity for – how shall I put it – “obsessional” behaviour.   Not with people in a creepy Stalkerlite Fashion or at least not unless they are fucking amazing.  I mean in more of a “I need to know everything about this obscure random topic NOW” […]